The wiggle run

I have tried explaining this to so many people and unless you see it, it’s hard to understand. Kirk does this thing that has become lovingly known as “the wiggle run”. The best wiggle runs are followed by ducking, hitting the dirt and/or a wannabe ninja roll. The wiggle run itself is Kirk apparently dodging nonexistent obstacles. It’s hilariously bizarre.

Here for your viewing pleasure is an example. This is from The Man Trap (or “the salt vampire episode”) and the wiggle run can be seen in all its spastic glory at 5:53. In this instance, it’s followed directly by hitting the dirt AND a super stealthy crawl.

Oh Kirk, you crafty devil, you.


1 Response to “The wiggle run”

  1. February 22, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    NICE! I think I’ve done the Wiggle-Run while quick-stepping to the toilet. The crawling usually comes after that…

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