There are plenty of guest stars that have come and gone from the trek-verse and I love a lot of them. Really.

There are guest stars that come back again and again and I love some of them too.

I love Lwaxana.

But this isn’t a post about her.


It’s about Q. Who I adore.

I know there are more than a few people who don’t like Q and a few more who hate him, but I think he’s great.

I love the chaos he brings to the party and no matter how big a douche he’s being, he does it with a childish glee. It’s wonderful watching someone who so clearly enjoys what they’re doing.

John de Lancie brings life to a character who could have been completely over the top and cartoonish. He makes you believe that power in the most delicious sort of way. He’s like an imp with limitless power and imagination.

What’s not to love?

A little too “Squire of Gothos”, don’t you think?

How could anyone hate that face?


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