That fight music

Amok Time is absolutely one of my very favourite episodes for a few reasons. It’s a Spock heavy episode (a spockisode?), you finally get to see Vulcan (yay!), there are more Vulcans on Vulcan (double yay!), you get to a look at some Vulcan tradition (triple yay!), Spock and Kirk fight (guess who gets his ass handed to him), Spock gets all emotional (I really love when that happens, it’s so adorable) and even smiles (squee!) and finally there’s that fight music.

I actually have the Kirk/Spock Amok Time action figures and ever time I look at them all I can hear is that music.

PS – I just found out that “Amok” is actually a Cambodian dish that sounds pretty tasty. I may have to make some and get back to you on that.


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