TWOK: reposting because I’m lazy

That’s not entirely true. I’m also reposting because the first time around I didn’t have this blog to dump it on.

So here’s a short list of some of the things that bug me about The Wrath of Khan*.

– I always love that Khan tells Chekov that he never forgets a face since Chekov didn’t even show up until the second season. Part of me can’t help but taking some sick pleasure in noting the error and part of me likes to think that Chekov was always there, just not on the bridge (the rest of me is just incredibly sad for those two parts).
– Can someone please tell me why in the hell Scotty would carry his dying nephew to the goddamned bridge rather than sick bay, please? That bugs the shit out of me every time. McCoy isn’t even hanging out on the bridge at that point and since they were under attack it’s safe to assume that he was trying to help the wounded.
– I love Khan, a lot. Really I do. Ricardo Montalban is wicked hot and Khan is an awesome character. But… I’m still not exactly clear on how Khan figures that all this was Kirk’s fault (and believe me, I’m the first one to call Kirk on his screw-ups of which there are many). He talks about being exiled to Ceti Alpha V, but really he was given an opportunity to colonize the planet. Kirk didn’t blow up Ceti Alpha VI, dude and it’s more of a Star Fleet screw-up that no one came to check up on you guys (or notice that Ceti Alpha VI had BLOWN UP).
– Kirstie Alley is the WORST VULCAN EVER. Honestly, if it weren’t for Khan’s incredible awesomeness she would have ruined the whole movie.
– Tho I’m never surprised to make note of it, it should be mentioned that Kirk pops his collar like the douche we all figured he was.
– What is up with the engineering uniforms? Those are THE ugliest, most ridiculous uniform ever.
*which is my favourite Trek movie, by the way.

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