drunk and trekkie

As I explained here, during supper with my friend Ted, we came up with a line up of some of the best and worst drinks known to nerd-kind. It started with one and quickly snowballed. We made one for Kirk (or more specifically, one word) and then moved on to the rest. We decided not to base drinks on the character completely, but on their catch phrases.

These are those drinks…

I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got, Cap’n

151 Because you’ve got to be drunk to even attempt to change the laws of physics

Crown A good idea in a mix of terrible ones

Redbull You’re going to need as much power as you can get

Mix the 151 and Crown, chase with Redbull.

He’s dead, Jim

151 – shot You knew it would be in there somewhere

Jagger – shot Obviously

Absinthe Again, obviously

To be drunk in that order.

Damnit man, I’m a Doctor not a magician!

Dr. Pepper and Southern Comfort A southern Dr.

Give a shot of vodka to a lady (both “giving a shot” and sterilising the area for operating)

Blue Bols – shot I love Bones a lot, but we all know he never had much luck with the ladies.

Logical. Illogical. Facinating.

A line shot.

Rye – shot Logical

Khalua – shot Illogical

Flaming Sambuca Facinating

The Red Shirt

A line shot.

151 – 4 shots

Hot 100 – shot

Bailey’s – shot

Instant death chaser. Survivors get a promotion.

Minus the Bailey’s, add a final shot of 151 and you have The Wiggle Run.

Live long and prosper

Not a truly Vulcan drink as we all know, Vulcans don’t do alcohol.

PomegranateĀ Juice

Acai Berry Juice

Pineapple Juice

Grand Marnier

The trouble with Tribbles

Rye – shot

Malt ball garnish


This is basically a Reverse Gladiator. Drunk as a drop shot.

Amaretto – tumbler

Orange Juice – shot


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