Plato’s bastard stepchildren

There are a lot of things about Season 3 of TOS that get my WTF? stamp. Spock’s Brain alone is enough to make you shake your head and laugh. But it’s all deliciously cheesey. It’s a season chock full of weird, strange, bad and just wrong.

But Plato’s Stepchildren tops them all. I know there are more than a few people who might argue there are worse, but watch them back to back with this episode. Trust me. It just won’t compair.

And it’s mostly thanks to scenes like this.

I don’t believe there is an explaination I can give that would make that clip any better. Even seeing it in context is painful. Just giving a basic description of this scene makes me cringe.

“Well, there’s a scene where Kirk pretends to be a pony and a midget rides him.”

Yeah. How do you make that sound any better.

The only other thing this episode ever seems to be mentioned for is this:

That, kiddies, would be one of the first interratial kisses ever seen on TV. As much as I think that’s great, I also have to point out that the only reason they kissed was because they were being forced to. Somehow, that always feels like a cheat. That and it comes right in the middle of yet another entirely awkward scene.

All things considered, do I recommend you watch this episode?

Hell yes. At least once.


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