To blu where no man has rayed before

So I finally did it. I bought TOS season 2 (season one was sold out… *pout*) on Blu-Ray last night. I had been putting it off for a while for a couple of reasons. The biggest being the price. Others included the fact that I own them all on DVD and re-buying wasn’t something I wanted to jump in to and also a hefty bit of concern.

“Concern?” you ask. Yes, concern. I was worried that it would be like the remastered Star Wars (really, I don’t hate SW, I’m just not a huge fan). It’s just not the same without the cheesy effects and it seemed like something was lost. I really didn’t want that same feeling watching Star Trek.

But the Blu-ray comes with the option to watch the original effect of the remastered, which eased my mind.

Yesterday I also found out that my final offer on a house was rejected. It wasn’t a crushing blow. In fact, I’m pretty okay with it. But as is my custom on days when I’m feeling down or I get shitty news, I decided a present was in order. Tho I had every intention of buying something completely different – there it was, waiting for me.

I should take this moment to tell you, quite sincerely, I am completely and totally happy that I did.

It probably helps that Season 2 of TOS starts out with Amok Time, which is one of my all time favourite episodes. It also includes shots of Vulcan (which you may have guessed is my favourite planet in the Star Trek-verse).

While the new animation, exterior shots, etc. aren’t “the same”, they don’t detract from the show either. In a weird way it feels right. Like they were able to take the original intent and brought it to life (yes I did actually just say that). There is just something *squee* inducing about seeing the Enterprise looking like an actual ship and planets that look like… well, what planets should look like.

Again I’m using Vulcan as the example because it’s the first episode I watched, but look at the difference.





I don’t know. Something about it makes me very, very happy. The old effects make me happy in a completely different way that isn’t deminished by this. In fact, I think it actually makes me love them just a little more. I love that I can watch them either way and I know that I will.

Geek out, completed… for now.

-Late Fines


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