Childish? Perhaps.

I’ve been going through Season 2 (as I mentioned) of TOS and was watching The Immunity Syndrome yesterday. It’s an episode I like for a number of reasons (although the idea of a whole ship full of Vulcans dying makes me very, very sad) and it’s got one of my favourite interactions between Bones and Spock in the entire series. I have one problem with this episode. It has less to do with the actual episode than it does with me.

I’m horribly childish and dirty minded most of the time and this episode makes me giggle really inappropriately through almost the entire second half.

Listen to Spock talking about entering the amoeba and his reports to the ship and tell me you don’t think dirty, dirty thoughts and giggle just a little. And the whole third act is like that.

Maybe it’s just me… but I doubt it.


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