The shirtlessness factor

Anyone who’s keeping score at home has probably worked out by now that I have a major thing for both Spock and McCoy. You may also have noticed that I really don’t have a thing for Kirk, at all.

He’s so not my type. I’ll take brains over cocky brawn any day of the week.

So here’s my issue – why in blue perfect hell are there so many episodes where Kirk gets half naked while there are only a handful where either Spock or Bones wear anything at all except their regular uniforms?

Seriously. Kirk goes through so many uniforms you’d think that Star Fleet would star questioning it. Like at the end of the year, when they’re going over the budget someone along the way would wonder why the Enterprise is spending almost as much on Captain tunics as on Dilithium Crystals. He’s topless so much that you can now pre-order “Shirtless Kirk” Cologne (Oh how I wish I was making that up).

Even Mirror Universe Kirk is all “To hell with shirts!” and opts for a Star Fleet wrap around vest (yeah…. don’t ask). Every other guy on board wears long sleeves, but not Jim. The only person wearing less in that episode is Uhura which, frankly, was one hell of a feat. It’s not like she wears a lot most of the time.

Bones never gets more naked than the sexy black Tee (The Man Trap) and Spock also rocks the tee. Spock only gets topless once and of course – there’s Kirk, also shirtless, like he’s worried that people will forget how much he loves to be shirtless.

The only other person who really gets any kind of skin time is Sulu and while that’s cool, it’s not really sexy. It’s just kind of weird.

It’s all terribly frustrating.

One other thing… can someone please tell me why Kirk always seems to have foundation on his nipples? Like having to see him topless AGAIN wasn’t bad enough.


2 Responses to “The shirtlessness factor”

  1. May 12, 2010 at 3:32 am

    I’m remembering in The Empath where Kirk is hanging by his wrists, sweaty and SHIRTLESS, and then the aliens hang Bones the same way but he’s WEARING THE DAMN SHIRT! Aliens think only Kirk is too sexy for his shirt.

  2. 2 latefines
    May 12, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Some aliens have no taste AT ALL and is it just me or does Kirk seem sweaty an awful lot?

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