So many questions

1. Kirk or Picard?

Picard, hands down. There are lots of reasons I love Jean-Luc over James T., one of the biggest being that I have never found Shatner sexy. Patrick Stewart on the other hand…

2. TOS or TNG?

TOS. TNG is a great show and I love it dearly but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING holds a candle to the original.

3. Favourite character?

I have never been any good at picking favourites because that would require me to rate everything on the same scale, which I don’t. But in the interest of answering the question…

TOS – It’s a tie between Spock and Bones (I know, you’re shocked). I simply cannot pick one over the other. I love them both too much.

TNG – Data. Yeah, really. I love Data. He’s an android made of pure awesome. Picard is an incredibly close second.

DS9 (I’m adding this because I have a favourite character) – Odo. He’s so awesome and adorable.

4. Least favourite character?

TOS – Kirk. Honestly. I really don’t like him. I don’t like the way he commands the ship. I don’t like his attitude. And, frankly, I don’t like the fact that he’s a womanizer, it annoys me.

TNG – It’s a three was tie between Yar, Crusher and Troi. They all irritate the shit out of me.

5. Favourite guest character?

TOS – Sarek. Absolutely no contest. Mark Lenard makes me squee every time I see him.

TNG – Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the fifth house, holder of the sacred chalice of Rixx, heir to the holy rings of Betazed. I love her to bits. She’s actually one of the reasons I hate Troi so much, I hate the way she treats Lwaxana. Honestly, I wish she was my mother. (She is followed very closely by Q, who I adore.)

6. Least favourite guest character?

TOS – I know she played different characters each time, but Diana Muldaur wins. I really can’t stand her. I cringe every time she’s in an episode (don’t even get me started on Pulaski…).

TNG – Lore. I fucking hate Lore. He is such an unrelenting douche bag.

7. Favourite Episode?

Again, this would be easier if I rated everything on the same scale.

TOS – Amok Time and Journey to Babel would be at the top of the list. Space Seed would also be right up there (how could I resist Khan? HOW? I mean, look at him!) along with City on the Edge of Forever.

TNG – Tapestry is still one of my favourite episodes, I love everything it explores about our experiences, good and bad, and how they shape the people we are. The Inner Light is another long time favourite as is Parallels. (Really, there are a lot of episodes I love. TNG seems to be either “OMG LOVE IT!” or “KILL IT WITH FIRE!”)

DS9 – (again, just because I actually have a favourite) Trials and Tribble-ations totally wins this one. (The Forsaken is a very close second. It combines two of my favourite characters ever and they’re both so amazingly sweet I could just cry.)

8. Least favourite episode?

TOS – Easily Errand of Mercy. I hate that episode so much it actually makes me angry. The only other episode that even comes close is The Galileo Seven.

TNG – There are a few… The Loss would be right up there (I fucking HATE when Troi gets whiny. I just end up wanting to punch her in the throat.) along with The Price, The Child and all the episodes when Yar shows up again (I love that Spock is in Unification, but Yar completely ruins it.)

9. Favourite movie?

This is a really hard call. Really. But Wrath of Khan wins. I love Khan as a character, I love the movie as a whole, I love that they based a whole movie on one episode of the show (although the end makes me cry every time). The Voyage Home is a close second.

10. Least favourite movie?

Honestly, The Undiscovered Country. I know I could have gone with The Motion Picture or even The Final Frontier but we’re talking about my least favourite. I and V may not be the best movies but at least I had fun watching them. VI just didn’t do it for me. Oh and pink Klingon blood? That made my head hurt.

Have any other questions? Leave them in the comments.


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