Kirk Vs. Picard

I’ve had this conversation (both long and short) numerous times and it’s come up a few times very recently, so it’s on my mind. I’m also entertained by how serious a discussion it ends up being. Not that I’m any less serious.

I’m going to start by giving you my answer and then I’m going to explain.

Negotiations and shit to ship combat I am giving to Picard.

Hand to hand, I’m giving to Kirk.

Now for the first two, they don’t require much of an explaination. My reasoning is simple. Picard is better at both. Time, experience, intelligence and tact make Picard the favourite.

The third is the one that needs some reasoning out. I know some of you out there think that this is the obvious one. Kirk all the way, right?

Yeah, not so much.

I’m giving it to Kirk but understand I’m not just handing it to him. I think it’s likely he’d come out on top but I certainly don’t think that he’d come out unscathed. This would not be a simple one-two-done kind of fight.

See, here’s the thing people seem to forget – Picard is a scrapper. In a fight, the man could throw down. He’s shown that. Hell, he has a replacement heart because in his younger days he took on three Nausicaans. By himself.

Sure, he grew up and learned that fighting isn’t always the right answer. He learned to be diplomatic and he’s damn smart. But really, I think that would only serve to help him in a fight.

What it comes down to between Kirk and Picard isn’t a matter of who is a better fighter, because I really believe they are fairly evenly matched. Kirk isn’t really a world class fighter, more often than not, he’s just really lucky. Picard doesn’t fight often but when he does, he’s good at it.

What it comes down to is style. Picard is a smart guy and a strategist. He fights the same way. He doesn’t rush in to thing s half cocked and just expecting to win. Where Kirk is really a stupid fighter. He rushes in like he’s invincible to fight whoever and whatever gets in his way. Sure, he scraps like a madman but he wastes a lot of energy and really has no sound strategy other than “punch that guy, win fight” for the most part.

Now I can hear you from here – Kirk isn’t that dumb! He can do cool shit too! What about the cannon he built to beat the Gorn!?

Yeah, yeah. Save it.

In a long, drawn out, extensive terrain fight where Kirk has to resort to something other than a straight up fight, he can come up with a few good ideas. But we’re talking a knock out brawl between two men who are physically (fairly) evenly matched, without the aid of weapons. We’re talking more (poser) Andorian assassin in the hallway of the Enterprise or even Finnegan on the Shore Leave Planet.

But like I said, in the end I think I’d probably have to give it to Kirk. He fights irratically and more than I little spastically (I think his wiggle run would confuse Picard, frankly). Picard would give him one hell of a fight and on a good day, I could see him winning. (Kirk against a young Picard? I’d pick Picard every time.)

Hope that clears that up.


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