On Tumblr @hismuse asked:

What is it about Star Trek that you like? The state of the art costumes? The top notch dialogue? Or just the basic overall quality?

Okay, first off, I love how subtle the sarcasm was. Really, nice work.

Second, what do I love most? I love lots about Star Trek.

I love the complete campiness of the original series. I love how much they accomplished on their budget and with the effects available at the time. I love the characters and that they aren’t perfect. I love the sense of adventure. I love how sincere the whole thing is.

I love how different and yet the same TNG was. I love that they could take the show and carry on. I love the stories and the new characters. I love the new species they introduced and the new technology.

More than anything, I love how hopeful the show is. The world is a very uncertain place and at this point in history it’s hard to look forward and not be even a little pessimistic. But Star Trek has always been hopeful, that humans will get past all of this nonsense on go on to prove that we can do great things, that we can learn from our mistakes and that we can be better than this. Not even perfect, just a species that is worth something.


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