Why isn’t this a national holday?

Today isn’t just any day. Today is special. More special even than all holidays rolled in to one. It’s a day I think we should petition to have made a holiday and the whole world could celebrate together.

Today is Star Trek’s 44th birthday.

There is an episode of How I Met Your Mother called “Do I know you?” where Ted finds out that Stella has never seen Star Wars and that if she doesn’t like it, he doesn’t think he can marry her. I know that feeling. I’ve thought things like that myself. Honestly, I think my two biggest deal breakers are Star Trek and penut butter (there are more, but those two are important, dammit.)

I always laugh when Marshall explains just what Star Wars means to Ted. He watches it when he’s home sick, on rainy Sundays, on Christmas Eve. I know that feeling well.

My comfort when I’m sick is TAS and TOS, my rainy Sundays are so full of Trek I can barely recall doing anything but and Christmas eve, when I get home and I finally have some time to just sit, relax and be alone – Trek. I’ve spent Christmas eve hanging out with the Enterprise crew more than a few times.

I made it through every single episode of TNG (in order) and that is a full 7 seasons, in just under three weeks. I’ve seen TOS enough times to quote the lines along with the characters. Hell, I spent weeks putting together a Trek corset, drove all the way to Calgary, fought my way through the crowds, braved the lines just to meet Leonard Nimoy and Brent Spiner.

I had Leonard Nimoy’s signature tattooed on my arm.

There are few things I’m as excited to celebrate.

Now, as far as those deal breakers go… Maybe I should just make up a questionaire for any possible applicants to weed out the hopeless.


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