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Back at it

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been slacking for the last while. Life got busy and I had things I needed to handle before I could devote a lot of energy here. Not that this is work, really. I love Trek and hardly a day goes by that I don’t make some kind of reference, watch an episode or just ramble on until everyone around me is ready to scream. Just, life gets in the way of sitting down and writing sometimes.

Anyway, enough excuse making.

I’m back.

I know. I know. You’re all terribly excited. I understand. I’m even going to make you a promise – Within one week, I will post another episode review (really, I have a blast writing them). Deal?

Cool. Now, someone get me a cup of raktajino and let’s get back to work.


Happy Birthday, DeForest!

Happy birthday to one of my very favourite people and the best doctor and chief surgeon Star Fleet has ever had.